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Stop Smoking, Weight loss, Pain, Fears, Stress, addictions and more...


Habit Control


The program links an individual's inner strengths and personal beliefs to external events.  Certain colors are used used via post hypnotic suggestion to combat smoking triggers.

Smoking Aversion


The program is designed to help clients who believe the only way they could stop smoking would be if they were totally disgusted by the taste and smell of cigarettes.

Smoking Regression


This program is designed for certain cases when it is necessary to frequent a time or period before the client began smoking in order to erase the habit and triggers.

Stop Smoking Motivation


The program is designed for clients who believe they could quit smoking if they could make it through the first week wi

Change Smoking Beliefs


The program is designed to help client who simply believe that they cannot stop smoking so they use every excuse not to attempt to quit smoking.

Breaking The Cycle


The program reinforces all previous attempts and measures to quit smoking by acknowledging the client's strengths and success in order to instill a level of pride and continual change.

Amnesia and Arm Catalepsy

Testing the depth of hypnosis on a smoking cessation client...

Handshake Induction

Rapid induction of smoking cessation client

1 Month Smoke-Free

My first Ex-Smoker client recaps how hypnosis helped her quit smoking!

3 Month Smoking Cessation Interview

Aiisha has suffered ups and downs, even a momentary relapse but still prevails...

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