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End Emotional Eating


This program is designed to address those who eat out of habit due to mood changes.  Emotional eaters are people who eat to comfort themselves usually due to life stressors and boredom.

Avoid Food Weaknesses


Many people who easily be able to maintain their weight if it were not for one particular food which disrupts any intention they may have for dieting.  The solution is simple, avoid certain foods and maintain a healthy weight.

Remove Eating Triggers


This program is designed for binge eaters who find themselves eating and do not know how to stop.  Many times it is a certain smell or taste that  triggers the person to start eating and once they start they cannot stop until finished.

Exercise and Motivation


This program is design to help those who could lose weight if only the had the motivation to exercise.  The program transforms those who are interested in exercise to those who are committed to exercising.

Muscle and Strength Gain


This program is designed to help those who may have already reached their weight loss or never had a weight problem but still desire to be toned.  Individuals in this program desire a higher level of fitness.

Weight Loss Plateau


This program is designed for those who have found success in weight loss but has reached a point where it is difficult for them to lose any more weight despite all of their efforts.  Individuals who hit a plateau are looking for something to jump-start their continued weight loss.

Dave Elman Induction

Removing Eating Triggers

She wants to no longer crave cookies, pies, and cake!

End Comfort Eating

Client only wants to eat at designate meal times!

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